the meaning and purpose of life

The Meaning and Purpose of Life life and the search
for meaning, purpose and understanding

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life and how I chose to experience it..

Is it possible that the "Kund" of Kundalini - the pot buried in the Earth from which the sacred energy of purification rises
is nothing more than the Quantum Consciousness of the Stem Cell?

Freedom's just another word for no-thing left to lose

• kundalini definitions and explanations ... what it is and what it is not .. and how the essence of kundalini is used in the English vocabulary

• Kundalini and Kunti (+ definitions) in the Mahabharata and the Bible .. the Kunti principle or essence central to the enlightenment of Hu-man. Her story has parallels in myth, mysticism and folklore of many cultures. The question is "Which Bible Stories" share a striking semblance to Kunti's story

• Divine ... a word that can trap you in the psychosis process is a manipulation of the Sanskrit deva and devi

The Influence of Rome, its Doctrine and Dogma on Transpersonal Psychology

the epiphany of Heffalump Pooh : transpersonal psychology and the therapy of the spiritual elephant

son of man and Son of God ... life - a cyclic movement of continual regeneration as individualisation of Transpersonal Principles

being spiritual or spiritual being ...
If you think you are "Spiritual", do you know what you are really saying. You call yourself "Spiritually Evolved" what does that mean. You follow "Spiritualism", what exactly do you follow.

Emanuel : Sacred Tantra and the Transpersonal Self - hidden in Christianity ... The conflicts of the literal teachings and dogma of Christianity does not encourage people to go beyond the English words and research hidden meanings in often used phrases

epiphany : a question of spiritual record ... how many have been born, lived, suffered and died on the basis of a Religious Doctrine created from ramblings of a prophet whose epiphany could very well been the result of drinking the mulled wine of the day.

meeting abu : a personal epiphany ... he stood there looking down at me .. an old man with white hair. Around him and emanating from his body was this incredible glow of light

ego, The Ego and transpersonal psychology ... There is a huge difference between the ego and The Ego .. and the ego doesn't like it

ego death : the greatest lie ever told .. ego does not die but the separate personalities combine to provide a transpersonal rather than linear perspective on life

Transpersonal Journal updates

As entertaining as it may be, a parrot reciting Buddha is still just a parrot and I would much rather know what IT thought. I can read Buddha anyway.

Kundalini, is also the energy of the "mind-stuff" or brain which is trying to invent or judge your Spiritual Progress.

Kundalini in the Bible and Transpersonal Psychology

Life Choices and Experience: Spirituality and Spiritual Experience

There is no way to happiness ... happiness is the way ...

These interwoven webs presents some possibilities for why you experience life as you do at the moment so that, equipped with that understanding, you gain free will to have the power of choice over your experiences ... and your destiny.

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