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Within your Life, you must have done something right -
     no matter how you, or others, have judged.
          After all, you are still alive.

The Response-ability for your own Healing

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You were born to heal
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The Mirror
Labels are Limitations - definitions, identity and who you are
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Simplicity cannot be overwhelmed
Pain is the symptom ..
We are afraid of change
  • Within you lies the responsibility for your healing. You are, within your whole body,  your own therapist, the subject of your own therapy and your own therapeutic process. Can you cross the boundary between your myth and taboo?

Emotion (energy in motion) is the natural energy flow within both physical and subtle bodies.

Emotion only has a hold when memory is hidden or denied.   Denial comes from self judgement which is a decision you learned to apply to yourself by example.    Memories are limiting beliefs and fear is the emotion of a hidden memory.

The body is an intelligent being that most deny has intrinsic intelligence, so much so that the body itself has almost forgotten this fact.    The intelligent ‘head’ mind is powerful to a body in which the Spirit or Soul essence lies unawakened.  Yet, the unconscious ‘body’ mind (the source of ‘re-actions’) will continually bring conflict to any ideas, thoughts or suggestions that you may try to impress upon it without resolving the buried patterns and memories.

What we experience as emotion is the change of energy from one state to another as reactions to situations force a change of energy through holding patterns within the physiology of the body.  The label we place on the particular emotion we are experiencing is a learned perception which can result in further holding patterns being established if the energy transferrance is denied or made wrong.    Tears can be an expression of joy, grief, pain, sadness, humility, pain etc... yet for most, tears have been labelled wrong.

The Mind.

Self defence mechanisms are multiple and varied within the human body.  Often they transmute to self-sabotage.  Just as the body may reject a life saving donor organ, so the mind recoils when familiar patterns of stress and self judgment are threatened.  This pattern particularly applies to the physical body when its comfort zone is threatened.

It is considered ‘safe and normal’ to love a life that contains elements of want and need, judgement, guilt and blame, where stresses become so strong that they alter the body and the body consciousness.  This ‘mind’ control has become so ingrained that it has become part of the genetic patterning that forms the basis of twentieth century Western Civilisation.

Memory loss is increasing in the ageing population because the ‘head-mind’ is not trained to remember, it is trained to rely on the written word.  The short-sightedness that came with education and the ever increasing spread of the written word is beginning to manifest and overwhelm our current abilities to cope, with resultant body and mind trauma.


has a direct link to past psycho-spiritual or psycho-emotional judgement.  Any living organism, denied natural flow of energy will fester and degenerate.  So it is with body energy centres (organs).  The body has the seed of regeneration encoded and can repair and regenerate once stuck ‘e-motions’ are allowed to flow.

Medical research suggests that psycho-emotional states are genetically encoded, waiting for the appropriate trigger to manifest into physical or emotional ‘dis-ease’.

In a ‘safe and normal’ life containing need, judgement, guilt and blame, stresses become so strong that they alter the body and body consciousness.  Mind control, seen by many as a solution, has become part of the genetic patterning of Western Civilisation to the detriment of body consciousness.

Self defence becomes self sabotage.  The body-mind recoils when familiar patterns of stress and self judgment are threatened.

The stress

of 'I need in order to justify my existence' is killing the body which is the vehicle of existence.  We are killing ourselves trying to avoid the death we unconsciously fear more than anything else.

In this twentieth century, parents rush and hurry so that time is always a factor.  So it is that the children from the time of the industrial revolution, with parents working in factories to clocks and time schedules have had brought into their make-up, an awareness of the need for speed and energy to get things done.  The only way to break this nature is for the parents to be aware and then the older children also to be aware and remove this need from their lives.

You were cut away from the umbilicus of your mother.

  • It is the intellectual emphasis of existence that has allowed the spiral of humanity to lose its connectedness to wholeness.  Much of humanity is little more than a scientific database without functional ability.  As such, humanity in twentieth century Western society is setting itself up for its own demise and to a large extent, annihilation.

Even the development and spread of allopathic medicine, which compartmentalises and treats each part of the body as an individual part in isolation, has broken the integrity of wholeness of the body energy fields, leading to further beliefs of separation and isolation.

Man is losing the ability to function instinctively and intuitively.  Society has become so specialised that the basic needs for survival are not within the control of the individual or the small group where trust is sometimes found.  City slums and concrete jungles (‘the better life’) have fostered the movement to ownership and control.  Societies in the inner cities are becoming so far removed from the source of the orientation of life on the planet that, as a result, the genetic pool is becoming irrevocably changed and mutated.

The Earth and the Sky are your main locaters of balance.   As a fine thread holds to a vast silken cloth, so you are bound to the Will of the Universal Consciousness.  The dichotomy of life evolved because you do not recognise or allow that this thread exists.

You now search for roots, for a sense of belonging.  Planet Earth is symbolic of the the Universal Mother and Father.   Until this thread is recognised and felt within the body as a welcome contact with the vastness and minuteness of the Universe, you shall be adrift without recognition and belonging.  The Earth and Sky are the real roots that your body is in search of.

You were born to share and experience,
not to be had or taken.

Yours is not meant to be a life of struggle and aloneness.  It is meant to be and can be, if you allow, a life of joy and all-one-ness.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no being left behind for in reality, there is no future and no past.   This exists only in ‘language’ and the judgement scale of man.   Whatever it is that you are experiencing at this moment is perfect, and is right for you.   Turmoil arises when you make (or allow somebody else to make) what you are experiencing wrong.

The sense of separation, once recognised can be removed.   But you cannot remove that which you cannot recognise.

Footnote: - The principle of life as a mirror was the subject of a 39 week intensive program series.   The Mirror program series was run with 6 separate groups of people totalling 150 men and women.  It is the results gleaned from the contributions of these people which has formed the basis of this Web Site.

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