The Quest for Enlightenment

Enlightenment can be defined as "Bringing to the light of daily consciousness all of those patterns and beliefs, the preconceptions which are in the unconscious body-mind and running you without you even being aware of their existence.

The Role of preconception

Spiritual Emergence

is the opening of the flood gates as this Life Force breaks free. As in any flood, there is destruction - holding patterns brought to the light of consciousness - no longer held unconscious. Thus the emotional upheaval, when the emotions experienced, are those stored within the genetic matrix of the body physical.

Even those who are involved within the fields of Transpersonal Psychology are questing for an understanding of their own myth but many have fallen into the trap of looking outside themselves for an understanding. Outside is only a mirror of the inside and we draw to ourselves those who are most able to mirror to us that which is seeking expression within us but which, as yet we are unable to see.


is something which must be totally eliminated in the Transpersonal path. This can only happen when ‘I’ become the fully self accepting embodiment of the ‘priest/healer’. (Gk Theraputos)

Perhaps I can illustrate this notion of ‘preconception’ with one finding from the work that I have carried out within these groups.

The Human Body knows the word 'Father', but cannot differentiate between ‘God the Father’, ‘Father priest’ and biological father. The unconscious reaction to the word ‘Father’, when explored, can then superimpose reaction to biological Father into the religious concept of ‘Father God’.

The same body knows the word ‘Mother’, but does not differentiate between ‘biological Mother’, ‘the Holy Mother Church’, ‘Mother Mary’, ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Mother England’ etc.

Of course, from conception, the body has the learned behaviour that its survival is totally dependant on ‘biological Mother’. Due to (Western Society) lack of recognition of the ‘Rites of Passage’, this belief is usually not eliminated as the data for reactions and so the attitude and influence of ‘mother’ rules the unconscious to the point where ‘mother’ is greater than ‘God’, the Holy Mother Church is feared, and White Australian Culture is tied to ‘Mother England. (This is exacerbated where Mother was dominant over Father within the family unit).

  • What I am looking for, I already am. But because of (inherited) boundaries to my self perception, I am unable to real-ise that within my self. These boundaries are physical body genetic holding patterns structured in dis-ease or physical, mental and emotional disorders.
Enlightenment spiritual quest kundalini
Enlightenment spiritual quest kundalini

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Enlightenment spiritual quest kundalini
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