There is no Journey, there is no Path.

Going Home is the realisation that this is no game of intellectual pursuit that you have embarked on. Free will is chosing to take into your Heart and into the whole of your being, everything you have learned and read. You realise that it all applies to you and that there is no escape.

The Home Seeking

What you are looking for you already are. Everything that are looking for, the object of your search is what you already are. This is The Truth of you.

Above all else, you fear the confrontation with the Truth of You because that is what you have avoided or been made to suppress since Birth.

All of your fears come from not accepting and loving your Self. Fear is the parasite that lives off you because of your self judgment.

You have been told, or have learned in the past, perhaps from your parents, that you should not talk about yourself and so you have hidden those deep dark secrets that you dare tell no one about.

Judgment has created fear and shame, for many of the judgments have been one of 'I was wrong', or 'I made a mistake'. This is the unconscious agenda that runs all of humanity. The Cosmic Joke is that almost everybody shares many of the same secrets that you dare not talk about.

Enlightenment ....

Enlightenment can be defined as 'bringing to the light of consciousness that which is down in the subconscious and unconscious and is running you'.

If you think that what you think is what is running you, then you must allow that which you have no control of, that which you unconsciously think, is sabotaging you. There is the source of all of the confusion, the source of all of the mind chatter, the source of the split in your personality.

It is no sign of weakness to let go of what your mind thinks, which in reality is only an illusion of what you are. It is a sign of courage for you to accept You. The only person who is going to judge you and your past is you, nobody else. But even then, the confrontation is not necessary.

What to do ... ?

All that is necessary is for you to realise, for you to make real the Truth of your nature, that you are the Physical embodiment of Love. For many, that is to redefine Love from the soppy romantic image projected by your society into a total acceptance of you just the way that you are, allowing you to become all that you might become without any limitations.

Of course, you will have to forget that your parents told you it was wrong to love yourself .. but then, that is what their parents before them said ... and so it goes on with all of the conditioning and beliefs that you have taken on.

You judged yourself by someone else’s standards (and since these have been genetically encoded into your being, you don’t even know what they are!).

The Challenge ....

Each of you thinks that you are an island unto yourself. If only you would allow that every human being has gone through much the same birth and life script as you have. The characters may have changed a little, but the play has the same theme.

You are not alone. It is not your fault that you forgot the Truth of you. Society has seen to that forgetting over countless generations in order to manipulate and control you. It is because of this you see yourself as a 'Victim', as 'being worthless', when in Truth you are all powerful and in total control of your Life and your Destiny.

This is the challenge that you are presenting to you!

Free will.

Free will gives you the chance to choose the rest of your life from this point in time or from any point in time when you decide to make the choice. The only choice you have to make is whether to go on in fear as you have been, or to take the dive into the Heart, and allow the Truth of you to blossom into The Love you really are.

In Truth, when you do look deeply into the mirror, you will see nothing and nobody. There will be no reflection, for just as a knife cannot cut itself, nor can a fire burn itself, the true 'I' cannot see itself.

In order to see yourself, you have to separate yourself from the you who you think you are .. which is the expectation others have placed on you!

spiritual home free will yearning
going home, free will, self realisation, Spiritual Heart, Enlightenment, Spiritual Home, yearning

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going home, free will, self realisation, Spiritual Heart, Enlightenment, Spiritual Home, yearning
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going home, free will, self realisation, Spiritual Heart, Enlightenment, Spiritual Home, yearning
going home, free will, self realisation, Spiritual Heart, Enlightenment, Spiritual Home, yearning