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Pattern Table

One of a series of tools which we have used and which may help you identify the patterns which have been running your life, the underlying beliefs and, provide you with some clue as to the source. 

If you fill in the table below with the major events of your life, you should be able to see patterns emerging across the page. Although these pattern may not become immediately obvious, a common thread of cause and effect repetition will be seen to emerge, from which you may be able to find the origins of the present conditions surrounding you. If you are having difficulty in understanding this table, and how to apply it, you are welcome to contact me via the forum

An example of how this patterns sheet works (using Fiona as a case history) can be found here

ConceptionBirth7 years14 years28 years42 years56 years
about 6 weeks1816304458
about 12 weeks2918324660
about 18 weeks31020344862
about 23 weeks41122365064
about 28 weeks 51224385266
about 35 weeks61326405468

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